held at 10.00 a.m. on Sunday 12th. March 1972 at the Penang Library.

Present: 42 adults and 9 juniors (below the age of 18) signed the attendance register (Ref. Appendix A attached).

1. Encik Ghulam Sarwar, the Chairman of the Penang Library's Extension Activities Sub-Committee briefly outlined the steps that had led to the establishment of the Chess Group in the Library and the subsequent events that had resulted in the Inaugural Meeting of the proposed Penang Chess Association being called. He thanked the Penang Library Management Committee for the Library's assistance and for allowing chess enthusiasts to use the Library as their meeting place.

2. Encik Fang Ewe Churh, the Chairman of the Protem Committee informed members present that the Protem Committee, consisting of the following persons:

Encik Fang Ewe Churh (Chairman); Encik Ghulam Sarwar (Secretary),
Encik Sarjit Singh Pada, Encik A. Thomas Samy, Encik Tan Yam San,
Encik Hashim bin Nydin and Encik Tan Beng Theam

had met several times since its establishment on the 9th of January 1972 to look into details related to the establishing of the Penang Chess Association. He thanked Encik Ghulam Sarwar for having drawn up a draft constitution for the meeting to consider and indicated that various chess activities were in the offing for chess players in Penang. These would include the Malaysian Schools Sports Council's Malaysian Chess Ohampionships which would for the first time be organised in Penang. He expressed the hope that once registered the Penang Chess Association would play a leading part in promoting the game among junior as well as adult players in Penang.

3. Resolution: A resolution for the establishment of the Penang Chess Association, proposed by Encik Teoh Kim Leng, and seconded by Encik Mohammad bin Ismail was unanimously adopted. There was no objection.

4. Draft Constitution: Encik Ghulam Sarwar discussed the proposed Constitution clause by clause. The following amendments were included:

(a) Life Membership: Life Membership was provided for in Article III of the Draft Constitution. It was unanimously agreed that the Subscription for Life Membership should be $100.00

(b) The phrase 'in the name of the Association or on the premises of the Association' was added to Clause 3 of Article X after the words Trade Union Ordinance, 1959, .....'

Encik J.M. Doss proposed that the Constitution be adopted with these amendments. His proposal was seconded by Encik Trilok Singh. There were no objections and the Constitution was unanimously adopted.

5. Election of Office-Bearers and Committee for 1972/73.

The following were elected:

President: Encik Fang Ewe Churh
Vice-President: Encik Hashim bin Mydin
Hon. Secretary: Encik Ghulam Sarwar
Hon. Treasurer: Encik A. Thomas Samy
Committee: Encik Tan Beng Theam
Encik Tan Yam San
Encik Sarjit Singh Pada

Auditors: The following persons were appointed Hon. Auditors for the year 1972/73:

Encik Gong Wooi Mau
Encik Ooi Yeow Kim

6. Patrons: The Meeting agreed to invite Y.A. B. Dr. Lim Chong Eu, the Chief Minister, and Encik Lau Hooi Siah to serve as Patrons of the Association.

(Ghulam Sawar)
Hon. Secretary.


Adult Members (Present)

1. Sim Hock Kee
2. Lim Liang Hoe
3. Yeoh Hoe Chye
4. Teoh Kim Leng
5. Lee Meng Koon
6. Alison Wong
7. Lim Swee Hock
8. Cheah Sin Chong
9. P. Rajagopal
10. Tham Kah Woh
11. Muhammad bin Ismail
12. Chuah Tiang Beng
13. Wong Chin Kong
14. Gong Wooi Mau
15. Khoo Gim Teik
16. Ooi Seow Kim
1?. Zainal Abidin B.Samat
18. Lim Chaing Ghee
19. Ong Ewe Huat
20. Masseri Bin Awang
21. Kamarzaman Bin Talib
22. Ong Chin Wah
23. Khor Kheng Hoon
24. Kwok Chiew Kwong
25. Teoh Teong Hoe
26. Teh Bak ileong
27. J.M. Doss
28. Ooi Gim Eng
29. Woo Seng Seong
30. Angelleh d/o Arumugam
31. Cheah Khye Pheng
32. Khor Hoe Ee
33. Lee Yin Chow
34. Trilok Singh
35. Wong Chin Khew
36. Tausig Werner
37. Tan Beng Thean
38. Kong Boon Huat
39. A. Thomas Samy
40. Ghulam Sarwar
41. Tan Yam Sam
42. Fang Ewe Churh

Junior Members (Present)

1. Chan Sek Kong
2. Ho King Hee
3. Shankaran M.
4. Toh Weng Tuck
5. Yong Boon Hun
6. Ooi Oon Tat
7. Lim Kean Huat
8. Khoo Oon Kheng
9. Quah Seng Sun

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