The Penang Chess Association worked with the Penang Community Relations Council to hold a competition at the Dewan Sri Pinang in April 1977. The event attracted 96 entries which was the largest number of entries received for a chess competition in Malaysia at that time. The players were divided into three groups and they competed for the challenge trophies donated by Datuk and Datin Low Hooi Siah and the Penang Community Relations Council. The competition was declared open by the Penang State Secretary, Datuk Mohamed bin Yeop Abdul Raof. There were also simultaneous chess displays and an exhibition of chess photographs. Sadly, the competition was not repeated in subsequent years.


PENANG: Chess can contribute towards combating bad influences such as drug abuse in our society, State Secretary Datuk Mohamed bin Yeop Abdul Raof said last night.

He said playing the game of chess was not only to fill any spare time but was also a way to train our thinking and to test our patience.

Datuk Mohamed was speaking at the opening of the Penang Community Relations committee's chess competition at the Dewan Sri Pinang.

He said what counted most in the competition was the cultivation of friendship, spirit of togetherness and unity among the community.

Datuk Mohamed later declared open the competition which was also jointly organised by the Penang Chess Association.

The five-day competition has attracted 96 participants who are competing for three challenge trophies donated by Dato and Datin Low Hooi Siah and the council.

A chess clinic and a photographic exhibition will also be held daily until Saturday.

(The National Echo, 20 Apr 1977)


PENANG: The National Unity Board will introduce various competitions for the public throughout the country, the chairman of the board, Tun V Sambanthan, said yesterday.

He said the games would be sepak takraw, table tennis, chess, carroms and basketball.

He was speaking to reporters after watching the chess competition organised by the Penang Community Relations Council at the Dewan Sri Pinang.

Tun Sambanthan said he was happy to see the good response in the competition from the public.

He added that 29 other towns in Peninsular Malaysia would also organise their pwn chess competitions before the end of the year.

He said the various towns would then put up a team to compete in a team event.

Picture shows Tun Sambanthan (standing, right) watching the chess players. At left (seated) is Chee Sek Hoong, 12, the youngest player in the competition.

(The National Echo, 23 Apr 1977)


PENANG: The Penang Community Relations Council's chess competition at the Dewan Sri Pinang concluded last night when the winners of the three divisions received their prizes.

In the tournament for men aged above 18, schoolboy Kwong Keng Leong of the Methodist Boys' School managed to beat Jimmy Liew in the last round to emerge champion with the maximum five points.

In the tournament for boys under 18 years old, Goh Kok Kheong of the Penang Free School overcame his opposition to become champion also with five points.

In the ladies tournament, Miss Kang Chin Pheng of the Methodist Boys' School was the champion with four and a half points.

Kwong received his prize of a pewter tray from Datuk Low Hooi Siah, while Miss Kang received hers from Datin Low and Goh from the deputy director of the National Unity Board, Encik Ainul Adnan bin Abdul Rahaman.

Picture shows the three champions - from left, Miss Kang, Goh and Kwong after the end of the five-day competition.

(The National Echo, 24 Apr 1977)


PULAU PINANG, Ahad - Encik Kwong Keng Leong telah keluar sebagai juara merebut Dulang Pewter Pusingan Datuk Low Hooi Siah dalam pertandingan catur lelaki umur 18 tahun ke atas, anjuran majlis perhubungan masyarakat Negeri dengan kerjasama Persatuan Catur Pulau Pinang, Dewan Sri Pinang di sini malam tadi.

Dalam pertandingan yang sama merebut Dulang Pewter Pusingan Datin Tan Khoon Gaik bahagian wanita terbuka pula tempat pertama disanding oleh Cik Kang Chin Pheng, manakala merebut Dulang Pewter Majlis Perhubungan Masyarakat Pulau Pinang dimenangioleh Encik Goh Kok Kheong bahagian lelaki 18 tahun ke bawah.

Hadiah-hadiah kepada pemenang kedua hingga kelima semua bahagian juga disampaikan oleh Datuk Low Hooi Siah di akhir pertandingan itu.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Lembaga Perpaduan Negara, Encik Ainul Adnan Abd Rahman dalam kata ucapan penutup pertandingan itu menyeru agar permainan ini dapat dikekalkan di masa-masa akan datang.

Beliau memuji pihak penganjur pertandingan itu kerana dapat memainkan peranannya dengan berjaya sekali dan diharap dapat diteruskan di masa-masa depan.

(Bintang Timur, 25 Apr 1977)

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